Week 67 – Bittersweet

You were warned and you did it anyway…. I honestly don´t think I´ll need that much time to adjust. I´ll probably be accidentally using a few Spanish words now and then but other than that I think I´ll be fine 🙂 I´m looking forward to just having fun!!! without responsibilities for a month.

Make sure everyone is reading the scriptures and praying everyday as a family and personally. It´s the only way to get a testimony.

I can´t wait to be at the cabin with you guys!! Say, “See ya soon!” to Jaxon for me. This week there isn´t that much to share other than I´ll be planning a wedding for the 15th. Their names are Melvin and Nuri. They are really good friends; those type of people you meet and have a special connection with immediately. Nuri and their son Melvin will be getting baptized afterwards (I hope before I leave!). Melvin the dad is an inactive member but he´s getting back into it. They´re awesome.

I shared my testimony yesterday on the last fast and testimony meeting of my mission! I usually feel satisfied and happy when I think about going home but for a second during the Sacrament I felt a pang of sadness or bittersweetness that this is almost over.

Love and miss you all! see you in about 3 weeks!



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