Week 64 – Elder Renlund

Have fun in the heat 🙂 That must have been an interesting experience going to the jail…I imagine it looks a lot like the “maisons” here. Ya, reptilandia is like a petting zoo. Well, they are all in their cages but they bring them out to be held. It was cool. Elder Nasilai hasn´t gone so we might go again today. I´m sure he would love to here from you, he still has the card that you wrote him in the MTC.

The highlights for this week was obviously the conference with Elder Renlund. Immediately when he walked in he wanted to shake everyone´s hand. When he did, he stooped down to everyone´s eye level to talk to them. I felt the confirmation of what I already knew; that he really is an Apostle of Jesus Christ. It was a special feeling. I sang in the choir which was powerful as well. I felt the Spirit strongly when he told us that the main reason that he came and the apostolic message that he came to deliver on behalf of the church and Jesus Christ himself was “Thank You”. Wow….maybe because I wasn´t expecting it, God´s love and gratitude for my service hit me hard in the chest.

Also, Fatima got baptized on Saturday and was confirmed yesterday! Everything was happy and cute. We´re teaching her future sister-in-law now who has agreed to get married and baptized 🙂

This week is the first week of my last change! The time is going fast! Last calls for things that you all want so I can bring you back cool stuff.

Love you all and hope you have a great week!



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