Week 63 – Reptilandia

Super small world in the church! There is only one sister from Chile in the mission, so it must be Hna. Lopez. How crazy that I happened to be in the photo that they showed, because I´ve never even been in her same zone. I was her Sister Training Leader for about 3 months. And how the heck did Grandma ride a horse at Elder Christianson´s house?? HAHA

This week Celso (77 years old) and Fatima (11 years old) will be finally getting baptized. It´s been a long, tough road. Even the 77 year old men here have law of chastity problems with women MUCH younger than them 🙂 Holy Cow haha.

I´ll definitely join in the fasting and prayer for the growth of the Hastings Ward. How cool that it is growing so much. I´m excited to see in 2 months!

I don´t have much to say that I didn´t include in Mom´s email, but I´m sending you this photo of me and Hna. Thompson by a wall in El Espino that made me laugh almost every time we passed. These are the kinds of things Latins who think they know English say to me hahaha. Here in El Salvador, their pet names for each other are things like “gordo” (fattie) or “viejo” (oldie). They are more like insults. Here in Juayua I´ve even heard spouses call each other “son” or “daughter”. It´s weird.

Last Monday we went to a place called Reptilandia, where they keep a ton of huge snakes that you can hold. This yellow boa is 100 lbs!! Super heavy and it was moving all over the place. I was the only one who wanted to hold it and the other three hesitantly obliged me 😉 Cool photo, huh? It was crazy feeling the snake´s head caressingly slip up my arm and around my neck!! Once and a lifetime chance that I obviously had to take.

Tomorrow is the conference with Elder Renlund!! Get excited!

Love you all so much!



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