Week 62 – Boat Building

This week was good because I´m exhausted; this means we worked hard! Not much to update you on. This week I´ll go on interchanges to my old area so I´ll be able to visit my old friends. Hna. Alvarado, my companion from Costa Rica, is visiting El Salvador this week as well, so I´m looking forward to catching up with her. Can you believe we´re practically in June?

Celso will be getting baptized this Saturday and Fatima the 10th of June. These have been hard baptisms to work, so I´ll be happy when they happen.

You won´t be able to please everyone as bishop, obviously, but using the wisdom of the Spirit to judge how the Lord would will win you most, if not all, the hearts of the ward. Remember these feelings of excitement and eagerness for later when you feel discouraged and frustrated. I´ve had to go back to my journal and read entries from awesome days to revive my spirits sometimes.

I learned something cool this week. 1 Nephi 17:8-10 talks about how Nephi had no idea how to build a boat nor how to find/create the tools he needed. He had never done it before and he had to rely completely on the Lord. I can imagine how he felt, but he accomplished it eventually. Then in 2 Nephi 5:15-16, after they had arrived in the promised land and separated from the Lamanites, Nephi was teaching his people all kinds of crafts and construction. He built a temple. Sometimes the Lord commands us to do things that seem overwhelming but He has even bigger things planned. He trains his servants ahead of time. He´s trained you to be a bishop and maybe something more in the future. We build boats now in order to be able to build temples later. Not only does this apply to this life but even more so in the life to come. This mortal life is us building a boat so that when we become gods, we can build temples 🙂

I´m healthy and safe here. I´ll be careful this week though…don´t worry 🙂 I had a dream about arriving home….ahhh I´m trying not to be “baggy”. I pray for you all as well. Have a great week! Love you



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