Week 59 – Juayua

Hey mom!

Can´t wait to talk to you guys! It´ll be through Google Hangouts or facebook, next Sunday at 5ish our time.

I’m in an area called El Progreso in zone Juayua with Hna. Calero. She´s from Nicaragua. I only know her a little bit. It´ll be fun. This zone is in the middle of the mountains.

I like Juayua. It´s a lot cooler here and it rains! We got soaked a few times but I love it. Don´t worry about my safety…I´m always fine haha. A gringa always stands out but it´s more like a circus show than a real threat haha. The branch here is small and everyone has told me that it´s a really hard area….etc. I think mostly it´s the bad attitude of the members. It´s a good area, we just have to be smiley and happy all the time so they´re more encouraged. It´ll be a good place to end my mission. It´s a little touristy and really pretty.

I´m super sore because it´s all hiking here! Holy cow these mountains!! haha I feel like I´m hiking the grand canyon again. I´ll send pics next week. It´s a cute little village with the typical catholic church in the center with the bells ringing all the time. The food here is a little weirder…I´ve now tried Iguana eggs and chicken feet soup :/ This is what Americans picture when they think of Central America.

I´ll see ya soon! Love ya!



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