Week 57 – Rough Week

This week was a little rough going. Ana`s baptismal date fell through because her crazy sister said that if she got baptized she`d stop giving her money every month. Ana chose the money over her salvation…. We also found out that Rosi is sleeping with a married man that she doesn`t even like for money as well. And her kids know all about it. Satan has such a grip on them, all for freaking money!! I was really frustrated Sunday morning but during the Sacrament I felt aliviated and a sister shared D&C 18:15-16 in her talk and I really needed to hear it. I`m alright now because I know the Lord is happy with my effort and there are some thing we can`t control. I still feel confident that Rosi`s kids, Eric, Peter, Tito, and Tati can get baptized this Saturday.

This past p-day our district went high up into the middle of nowhere to a lagoon where we grilled beef and made lunch. I was sad I couldn`t swim (I might have been scared to even if we could because of weird animals or contamination), but it was fun. It reminded me of the cabin 😦


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