Week 56 – Alfombras – Holy Week

This week was fun. I´ll send you photos of some of the holy week traditions they do on the street. They´re called “alfombras”. They put colored corn starch or something in designs on the street, sometimes with other plants, flowers, etc. Really beautiful! I was in a little town called Ataco. Lots of processions and wierd Catholic traditions 🙂

Ana Ramierez passed her baptismal interview and will be getting baptised this Saturday! F. Rivera are also doing great. Rosi broke up with her boyfriend! The gospel is changing her. The whole family, really. They´re like family. So much so, the other day one of the kids farted really loud during the prayer and none of us could keep it together enough to finish the prayer. It reminded me of my own family haha. I love them so much, especially for facing so much opposition and still going with what they know is right. They all came to church yesterday and on the way home they ran into one of the Christian pastors that really hate us haha. I had talked to him before and he´s one of those people who has watched every temple video on utube, criticizing everything. Anyway, he was yelling at them and they stood their ground. Then we arrived at the scene and Tito, the 10 year old, told him to tell it to us if he had any problems but that they didn´t want to hear it! It was hilarious but profoundly inspiring.

I´m completing 15 months this week. I´ll be able to skype you guys in a month! Time is flying.

Love you all!



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