Week 55 – Very hot here

Hey mama,

So this week was pretty good, but super hot. meltinggg… We had a little general conference miracle with the Rivera family. We stopped by last Tuesday and they were so excited to share their thoughts and notes on General Conference! Rosi had taken 5 pages of notes (more than what most members do). That night we invited to baptism and she said yes! I don´t know how exactly yet but they´re preparing for the 29th. Hopefully she won´t have to do it secretly. I hope we can get her to break off the relationship.

We had ward conference yesterday and it was nice. It´s soooo hot here this month! Mom´s photo of you getting pulled out of Oldfield by a bulldozer was funny.

I sent a picture of me with a bunny that we found and also I forwarded a picture of all the gringos in my zone watching conference in English 🙂 the beautiful language of the restoration.

This week is Holy week so there should be some good photos and stories next week.

Not much this week but love you all. Pray for you everyday.

Love, Abby


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