Week 54 – General Conference

I also loved Pres. Eyring story about his son jumping on the bed. The gospel gives us an eternal perspective on every aspect on our lives, but especially parenting I think. Our knowledge of the plan of salvation and who everyone really is gives us more responsibility and more joy. Conference in the mission is like Christmas 🙂 May I just mention that the non-scriptural references made in conference include: Les Miserables, Shakespeare (King Lear), Jane Austen (Emma), C.S. Lewis, and Star Wars. Besides the Star Wars (I´m not the hugest fan), my good taste is always confirmed by the General Authorities 🙂

The general themes I noticed throughout the conference was the trinity and our relationship to them, and having joy and cheerfulness (also connected to faith). Oftentimes we talk about the people´s need for the gospel because of how bad these last days are but we do not need to scare investigators into applying the gospel. What we say is true, but we can still be more optimistic about life and how blessed we are to have the fullness of the restored gospel to share. I love Pres. Uctdorf and E. Holland´s attitude. During the Sunday afternoon session the signal went out in the chapel where we were, so we watched it through a sketchy youtube feed. I got the idea but it was in Spanish and shaky connection. I can´t wait to read the Priesthood session too when it comes.

Good news about the outhouse! haha I love that you get excited about that kind of thing. It´s going to be beautiful up there.

It´s almost Holy Week here so we´re excited to see all the Catholic processions and parties. We´ve already seen a few and tried some typical Easter food 🙂 F. Rivera (Rosi, Eric, Peter, Tito, and Tati) all went to conference yesterday! They seemed to like it. Rosi fought with her boyfriend that is in the US about joining the church. He´s very against it. He financially supports her here so she told us that she might not be able to get baptized or they´d be destitute. Trial of faith….but something like this always seems to happen. I want to convince her to do it sneakily…how could he find out unless someone told him? Would that be bad to do?

I was waiting for the news of when Kamber was coming home…cool. Honestly, when I get home, I just want to go to the cabin 🙂 Maybe a small get together later on Sunday or something would be nice. I´ll just want to be with you guys, especially that first night. I´ll shower, look in the fridge and cupboards and cry because we´re so blessed, marvel a little bit about how nice our house is, then just hang out with you all.

Congrats Sam Johnson! When is Jared coming back? Can you send some pictures of Sierra, Cody, Ryker, Meagan, and all my budds from back home? My comp wants to see who I´m always talking about 🙂 Thanks

Love you lots,



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