Week 52 – Relief Society Anniversary

So, this week had it´s fun parts and it´s disappointments.

The cool things first. Tuesday was the Relief Society Anniversary party. We dressed up as pioneers and taught pioneer games and dances. The photo is with a cute old lady in the ward that dressed up. She´s one of my favorites. They had a piñata too and all the women got a little crazy hitting it and grabbing all the candy while their little children watched haha. We also made cute little pioneer dolls out of clay (the other photo).

Wednesday we went to San Salvador to renew our residency here. I got to eat fake chinese food in the capital. It was good to see everyone that we came with again. I got to see my brother from another mother, Elder Nasilai (remember him?). He says hi and that he still has your card that you sent him in the MTC. In more good news, he has officially decided to play football for BYU! Wahoo.

I miss March Madness! Have fun watching all the games 🙂

I went on a interchange to an area in the middle of nowhere in the mountains 🙂 I love those areas. It´s called Nahuízalco. Have fun trying to say that haha. The only way for them to get around is piling in the back of a pickup truck. I felt like cattle, but it was an interesting cultural experience.

The sad thing from this week is that Dalila and Eduardo couldn´t come to church so they can´t get baptized this Saturday. But we keep working and don´t get discouraged. We still have a lot of people working towards baptism and this area is really blessed. This week is changes and I don´t think I´ll leave. Looks like I´ll be staying here for a total of 6 months!

The new mission president´s name is President Kelley. They´re from Utah and they´re coming at the end of June. I´ll just have a month with them.

Love you all. Take care.



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