Week 51 – Character’s

Congrats to Seth and Sam. How long will you be doing performances for Lamb of God? or how many performances are there?

That´s a great story. I usually enjoy whatever situation makes people uncomfortable. Speaking of uncomfortable things, I met a Mr. Collins here. His name is Morris and he´s in the High Priests. He´s been married and divorced 5 times. He´s “in charge” of the missionary work so he now acts like he´s our boss but very obviously is trying to manage us through his “talent” for flattery and sweet talk haha. Yesterday, I was playing the piano for Sacrament meeting and after the intermediate hymn he approached the piano (in front of the whole ward in the middle of the meeting) and said in his normal voice, “How well you play the piano Sis. Morse! Such great talent! Will it be you or your companion that counts the Sacrament meeting attendance?”. By the way, we were secretly supposed to count attendance because the stake president asked that of us. Everyone, especially the bishop, was on edge for a second, watching. I just said, “Thank you, I´ll talk to you after the meeting.” and I went to sit down. Nice, but curt response to his impertinence. I meet plenty of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens characters here 🙂

I promise not to be too trucky! Here they say “baggy”. Today I have 14 months on the mission!

REAGAN. so old. What happened to the twig that didn`t wear makeup? Just kidding, she looks great and so grown up. The boys too. I miss you guys and glad to hear that everyone is staying busy.

Love you all. Enjoy the cool weather; I`d love to take a swan dive into some snow right now, especially in this really humid, hot internet cafe I`m in right now haha.

I`m enjoying it though, and I`m happy. God works in the details but they bring about great things.




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