Week 50 – Radio

Just remember to always do the important little things and take the time to de-stress. Have peace 🙂 I wish I could hear Lamb of God too!

This week our stake president made us help him make a recording for his English class. Us and our zone leaders, who are both gringos as well, had to record ourselves reading scripted conversations. Afterwards, the guy that was running the recording studio liked my voice and told us that he was developing a radio station for the school. He wanted to use my voice for a jingle or something so he had me say a lot of other random things like fake airport announcements. So I might be going on the El Salvador Auachapan FM radio in a month of two. Never thought I´d be doing that in the mission. It was weird.

I´m sorry, I don´t have pictures or any good stories this week. We did find a cool new family that are so gonna be baptized it´s not even funny. Especially the 18 year old son Eric is super positive. He said that he had working in a Catholic church for a while and left, then was about to get baptized in another Christian church but it didn´t feel right. He prayed one night that God would lead him to the true church and the next day, we showed up! Yayaya. We don´t always have to know that we´re recieving revelation when we are. We´re being guided all the time and only sometimes we get to find out afterward. The Lord is directing His work!

Can´t wait to see you in May, then in July 🙂

Love you all!



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