Week 49 – Sweet Zoila

Sorry I´m bad at writing you guys in detail. Things happen, but not interesting enough to write them all down. I´m still here in El Espino for my third change here as Sister Training Leader and I´m still enjoying that. I only have 3 areas so far and I´ll only have one more. Changes are March 22 and I´m not sure if Pres. will send me to my last area or if he wants me here for another change. We´ll see. Hna. Thompson is fun 🙂

We have 2 baptismal dates: Zoila, who is a sweetheart with very advanced arthritis. Her husband is an inactive member that we´re reactivating as well and she´s preparing to get baptized the 18th of March. It´s difficult because they always need help lifting her in her wheelchair out and back into their house (steep stairs) in order to make it to church. She´s gone 2 times now so we´re finding solutions thankfully. Her and her husband are the ones in the photo. The other´s name is Dalila and her 13 year old son Eduardo. They´re preparing for the 25th of March. Saturday we had a lesson with them and the Relief Society President. Dalila gave us a drink made from pinapple but it was a little fermented. By fermented I mean that I´m pretty positive we drank alcohol hahaha.

Your ethnic breakdown is interesting. I thought you were more English than you are. INDIA. I knew I wasn´t drawn to that culture for nothing 🙂 Jewish too…haha.

Happy Birthday Reagan! I can´t wait to get to know you all over again because I feel like you´ll be a whole other more grown-up person when I get home. Have fun!

Love you all!



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