Week 46 – San Salvador Temple

Change week! My favorite companion, Hna. Alvarado, is leaving me but I´m also excited about my next companion, Hna. Thompson. Yes, she´s a gringa! She is another blondie from Utah. I´m already friends with her so I know we shouldn´t have any real problems. It´ll be a fun couple of changes. I´m staying in my area as Sister Training Leader and I really love it here. It´s my favorite ward I´ve been in. Haha we´ll see how much we´ll be speaking Spanish…I´m guessing only in lessons 🙂

This week as a zone we went to the temple in San Salvador! I realized how much I´d been missing it. In the MTC I went every week for 7 weeks and when I entered again it felt like home 🙂 It´s always so much easier to recieve revelation; the temple is the place where I really feel like I´m having a conversation with Heavenly Father. It´s a little harder to get to Detroit but do it as often as you all can! It´s outside of our mission zone so we only get to do this once a year. It´s a beautiful temple inside and out. We did a session and it was interesting hearing it in Spanish. This past Saturday one of our investigators went to the temple. She said she had a beautiful spiritual experience there and seeing us afterwards she told us without saying hi or anything, ¨When can I get baptized!!¨ She is 13 years old and super active. Her family life is hard but she is always excited about our lessons and often invites her friends to come to church with us 🙂 She´s even going to seminary and wants to accompany us on our lessons.

I couldn´t watch all of the superbowl, but during our visits yesterday I was getting calls from a friend in the ward giving me detailed updates haha. I walked into a house at about the last minute to see the Patriots win.

Love you all and hope everything is well. Pray for you every day! Congrats Seth and Sam…be gentleman.

Love ya!


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