Week 45 -Funny Story

Everything is going good here overall. I´m still happy and healthy. Time is going fast. I feel like I say that every week but I feel like I´ll be going home super soon. Can´t wait to see you all and go to the Cabin!

My story this week is funny and has to do with old men wanting to court me. I know you don´t like these stories but they´re harmless and I just laugh and shake my head. We have an 75 year old investigator who never fails to mention is Israelite decent and how enchanted he is with the church and with us. He calls us almost everyday and when my companion answers the phone he asked for “his gringita”. He´s getting baptized on the 4th of february and hopefully for the right reasons…anyway yesterday in the middle of the Sacrament meeting he brought me a bag of oranges from his cultivation business. The way he presented me the oranges was so old fashioned and chivalrous and obvious I turned super red. It was hilarious carrying it around all of church and all of the comments of the members. We made fresh orange juice afterward.

I think and pray of you often and hope all is well. That all are healthy and happy and staying busy, because that´s the best 🙂

Love you so much,



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