Week 44 – Helping Youth


We´ve passed by the family of “the demon” but they´re never home. We´re gonna keep trying but I don´t want to look for her where she works if we know they are doing that kind of stuff there.

Yes, I want to visit Costa Rica 🙂 We´ll have to do a full tour of Central America: Guate, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.

Supposedly we´re having a baptism this Saturday but this guy is being stubborn. Pray for David that he can have the faith to do what he knows is right and get baptized this Saturday!

This week we found a youth organization where we can go and contact a ton of youth (then the families). I´m teaching advanced English and piano there. We´re also helping them teach crafts and they want us to come and teach religious values. They said we could show videos, invite the kids to church, and practically whatever we wanted. It´s an awesome place. We added about 4 more youth going to seminary that aren´t members 🙂 It´s a treasure cove!

The last picture is of us at the stake president´s house tortillando (making tortillas) for dinner. The other elders are our zone leaders, both gringos. It´s a good time.

Love ya,



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