Week 43 -Package Arrived!!

Thank you for the package!! I found my new love….coconut almonds!! Holy cow they are sooooo good. Thank you all for the cards as well. I miss you all.

Happy Birthday to Seth and Sam! 16….driving and dating right? 🙂 Have fun sharing the car haha. Love you guys. Don´t be stupid and make good choices! To answer Seth´s questions: I´ve tried super hard to stop chewing my thumbs and I´ve gotten down to only 1. Progress, right? In these last 6 months my goal is for them both to be good and healed. Pray for me haha. Food that I miss from home: all types of asian food, blueberries, apple cider, all things pumkin flavored and hummus with pita chips. Those are only a few. I forgot the other question you asked me but next week I´ll write to you using your calschools email (I forgot to bring your letter with me today). Everyone needs to tell me what kinds of gifts you want so I can start buying stuff to bring back to you guys. I´m in an area where they sell really cool, traditional, handmade stuff so let me know.

There are good things about every stage in life. I´m glad you´re enjoying this one 🙂 I´m definitely enjoying mine. My companion and I had a conversation last night about how the mission has changed us and how much the advantage we feel that we´ll have in life spiritually and temporally thanks to this experience.

I have a crazy story to share. We were visiting a less active member when her neighbors came in and said that a member of her family had a demon and that they needed us to come to pray for her. We explained that we are missionaries but that we don´t have the Priesthood but that we´d come to help if we could. We entered and saw that a girl about 20 years old was sprawled out in a chair, that she was breathing really heavily like something was pressing down on her, and that her eyes were shut but moving frantically under her eyelids. Her mom explained that she looks after a baby in a house in the same street and they do ´´cultos´´ in this house. Cultos are religious meetings that can be good and normal or really bad and demonic. She said that her daughter, Sara, all of the sudden got really scared and yelled, ¨What´s that animal doing here? How awful looking that black animal is!¨ She started going crazy, thinking that the baby was lost but she was holding him the whole time. Then she suddenly fainted and was in the state where we found her.

We again explained who we were and that the power to cast out demons, if thats what it was, is on the earth and that we could call men with this power of God but in the meantime, that we could pray with them as a family. They asked me to pray and I wanted to help but I didn´t want to say anything that would be apostasy haha. I just blessed her as a representative of Jesus Christ, according to her and her family´s faith, that she could overcome whatever evil that was presenting itself, and that faith in Christ is always more powerful than the enemy. I said some other things that I don´t really remember, but after the prayer she was visibly more calm. She was breathing normally. She opened her eyes but she was looking immediately to her side like she was seeing something that she was afraid of. They took her to the hospital after that. She passed by later that night and she had recovered almost completely. She was conscious and responding normally to everyone. She said that she saw a woman there turn into some kind of black animal. This is common here with people that practice black magic. I had heard many stories and testimonies of missionaries who had seen things like this but this is my first experience with this kind of power. The devil is real… but we´re more powerful thank heaven.

The good news is that we´re going to take advantage of the situation to teach her and her family 🙂 I know that I don´t have the power or authority of the Priesthood and I don´t really know what the exact doctrine is with what kind of power I have as a sister missionary but prayers of faith are super powerful. Crazy story, huh? I´ll at least have one story like this to share with my kids haha.

Glad to hear that Grandma is her normal self and that Brad and Heidi are well. Maddy will get used to defending her major and these kind of people who don´t have the open-mindedness enough to recognize the value of these studies aren´t worth arguing with anyway.

Pres. Spjut introduced the new mission president that will come in June. My last change in the mission will be with another mission president 😦 They´re gringos as well, from Utah. All of the sudden, 6 months doesn´t seem like long at all.

My companion had to get painful injections in the butt this week hahahaha. Poor girl. 🙂 I was a good support as you can see.

That´s about it for this week. We have two baptisms planned for later in the month. I´m happy and healthy and safe. Have a good week!

Love you so much,



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