Week 40 – Bazar

I can´t wait to see you!!!!!!!!! I gave the info to Dad but next Sunday at 3pm your time we´ll be talking face to face! YAY.

Everyone is getting married and having babies. This stage in life is crazy.

Good companions or counselors are sometimes half the battle. That´s awesome that you´re seeing the fruits of your labor. I’ts exciting to hear about Bro. Peterson. Send them my congrats. We´re working on 2 other dads with wife and kids that are members but they are a little more hard-headed. Satan really likes to attack the Priesthood heads of families.

This week we had a huge stake activity– bazar style– with a ton of crafts that the sisters did to sell. Cultural dances and food. It was pretty cool and we had a lot of investigators show up. I included a picture of what one sister did with a few hard boiled eggs. I thought it was cute. Maybe I´ll try it someday. One thing I love about the culture here is that everyone loves to participate…especially in dances. Everyone from the youth, middle aged, to the old grandmas were dancing the cumbia hard core. It was hilarious. Adults in the US aren´t always willing to dance or embarrass themselves too much. Here they don´t care haha.

We have another baptism tomorrow of a little girl, 11 years old, named Darling. 🙂 I´m enjoying myself in this area and excited for the Salvadoranian Christmas food!

Love Always,


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