Week 38 – Happy in new area!

Hey Mom,

This is the best area and the best companion I´ve had in my mission! Not that my past areas and companions were bad but we are seeing so much success here due to the unity in our companionship I think. The work has never run smoother because Hna. Alvarado and I are on the same page with everything and our lessons are super awesome! We have one baptism already, 5 baptismal dates for this month, and 9 progressing investigators. Plus we´re always traveling in order to help out the other sisters in other areas. President Spjut even had us train the other leaders in the mission and share about how we´re having this success. My first leaders meeting we had to teach…nerve racking but it went well I think. So basically I´m having a great time right now. I hope all the rest of my mission is like this (probably not because Hna. Alvarado will have changes this 28th of december). You´ll be getting a lot of pictures of baptisms in these coming weeks!

I haven´t recieved any packages. When I say chilly, I mean like 55 degrees haha. But I was in the mountains for 2 days this week and in the night it was probably like 35 degrees. I needed my jacket to be comfortable. It was nostalgic. I miss the snow but I´m also excited to see how the Salvadoranians do Christmas.

I want to just sit down and talk to you too! This christmas!! Yay! right down all the things you need to tell me so you don´t forget 🙂

Love you all!!



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