Week 36 – New Area & New Companion

Nice buck and nice beard! All of my latin friends here don´t understand hunting but they loved the photo haha! The first Deer Lake buck?

I´m in my new area and I´m loving it. When I arrived we didn´t have any baptismal dates and we had a meeting with Pres. Spjut in order to tell us that as leaders we needed to improve. Now we have 3 baptismal dates and many more that are close! I feel revigorated and I feel like I´m being useful again. I´ll have pictures of our baptism this saturday next week. Rosa is an interesting case. Apparently earlier in her life she had money and a husband until she had a serious accident. She lost her teeth, her ability to walk well, and some of her mental capacity. Now she´s living in a hut and another guy is charitably paying for her rent and food. The members haven´t wanted her to get baptized only because they didn´t like visiting her and didn´t think she was mentally capable. That´s a lie because when I asked her the baptismal questions she answered them all. She knows when she´s sinning and when she feels the spirit. In Ward Council I pretty much said that if she´s coherent, our leaders say that it´s alright, and she passes the interview we cannot deny her her salvation because the Ward won´t work to retain her. They didn´t say anything and she´s getting baptized this Saturday 🙂

My companion is awesome. I forgot how nice it was to have a companion that was independent and knows what she´s doing. Our lessons flow naturally and we get along well. I think I´ll like being a leader, but there is a lot more pressure to have good numbers and Pres. Spjut is always looking over our shoulder but it has it´s perks too. We get more money each month (I don´t know why haha), we get to do interchanges in really cool places, and we get to go to cool leader´s training meetings.

And is a little bit colder here!!!! In the morning and in the evening I actually get a little chilled.

Still happy and healthy. Love you!



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