Week 35 – Cerro Verde!!

Hey Mom!

Today I´m writing a little late because we went to a place called Cerro Verde!! It was super pretty and the weather was cool. It was like Michigan on a fall day…only with different kinds of trees and volcanos 🙂

Isaac, the oldest Paz kid, was baptized last Saturday! He´s not really a kid because that same day he turned 25 but he´s got such a baby face. That makes 4 baptisms for us this transfer.

This morning Pres. Spjut gave me a call to tell me that I´m gonna be a Sister Training Leader in Auachapan, El Espino. I´ve heard really good things about the area and being a Hermana Lider is cool because I know I´ll have a good companion. Sister Training Leader is pretty much like a Zone Leader but only for the Hermanas. I get to go to all the Leader´s meetings and do interchanges with the sisters that I´m in charge of. I also have to deal with all their problems though. It´ll be a good learning experience. More responsibility.

The sad thing is that with awesome district I have is being split up. E. Torre goes home and E. Lux and I are leaving. Luckily, E. Lux will be the Zone Leader in Auachapan so we´ll still be working together for another 3 months probably.

Love you always,


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