Week 34 – Another Baptism and Play Day!

This week was a great one. The oldest son of Jorge and Gertrudis Paz, Isaac, is getting baptized this Saturday! We left him 2 Nephi 31 to read. We arrived at the lesson and the first thing he said was that he loved what he read. He explained to us what he learned and it was exactly what we had prepared to teach him haha. I just bore my testimony of covenants and how I`ve been blessed by the covenants I`ve made. He said he wanted to be baptized the next saturday, his birthday. His parents were so happy too because they didn`t know he had made this decision! Woot woot!

I`ll have transfers in a week and a half. It`s always bittersweet but as you all know, I like changes so I`m ready. I`ve knocked on every door two or three times so they`re getting sick of me 🙂

Last Monday, our district went to Lake Coatepeque. It`s beautiful. We ate fresh fish at a restaurant on a dock and took pictures. These guys are cool and we accomplished all of our goals as a district, so they`re pretty good missionaries too.

That`s what I have to share this week. I`m happy and healthy and enjoying it!

Love you all so much,



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