Week 30 – Pray for my Investigators

I`m so proud of all my hermanitos (little siblings) and their athletic accomplishments. Keep having fun and kicking butt! I saw a highlight this week of an NFL game. I miss American Football.

I try not to think about Hilary or Trump as much as I can. It makes me depressed and is incondusive to my happiness and overall well being.

No, I didn`t hear about Tyler. I imagine that Kim was freaking out because that motorcycle always made her nervous. Good thing he wasn`t hurt seriously. Only economically.

This week was pretty rough. A baptism fell through and not a single investigator showed up Sunday for church. On the bright side, I compare myself now to how I reacted to these kind of things my first transfer. I would beat myself up and get discouraged or emotional. I don`t know if it`s being more accustomed to failure or more faithful but I`m still doing great spiritually, mentally, and emotionally despite it all. I know that the work of the Lord is done and directed by Him alone, “after all we can do”. I feel good that we did all that we could and the failure came from other people`s bad use of agency which I am not in control of and neither is God. No matter how much faith we have, we cannot override another`s agency and God won`t either. Now I`m just working on helping my companion get through this rough patch because this is the first time for her. Please pray for my investigators.

We still have baptism dates for Family Paz and they are great so we can count our blessings. I was telling them stories from the Cabin and they were cracking up. I showed them pictures on Facebook and they were pretty jealous. We have it pretty good in good ole Michigan.

Have a great week. Love ya,


In my facebook there are people that want me to accept their friend request. Gertrudis Paz (or Torres), Jorge (or Isaac) Paz, Vanessa Alvarado, and Josue Quinterros. Please do that for me 🙂 Thanks!


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