Week 29 – General Conference

I loved Conference too!! Saturday I listened in Spanish but Sunday I got to listen to it in English with all the other gringo Elders. I found that I love the voices of the prophets. I really missed that. The talks by Bro. Nattress, Robbins, Ballard, Davies, Oaks, and Christenson were some of my favorites. All of my questions that I brought were answered in such a direct way it was almost scary if you don´t believe in modern day prophets. Before Conference I was trying to explain why Shakespeare is so awesome to an Elder in my district. When Shakespeare was quoted, he texted me and said to not let it go to my head but I was right 🙂

All of the missionaries in our zone got these jerseys but our district actually wears them when we play soccer. They´re pretty cool although mine is super big. It even has our names on the back. I wanted number 18 but that’s the number of one of the gangs here so that was a big no no 🙂

I´m the most latina gringa for my soccer skills, the fact that I can dance, my willingness to do anything (other gringas have the reputation of not wanting to get dirty or ruin their clothes, ect.), and the way I joke around. I tried to explain that there are plenty of gringas like me but apparently all that they´ve met have been sticks in the mud.

You know how there are people that you´re friends with but no matter how hard you try you´ll never get really close to them just because of the mix of your personalities? There are others that after 10 mins you´re best friends and you can joke around like you´ve known them for years. It was like that with them. I would return to Guatemala to hang out with them. They´re crazy and super fun; then you add the great spiritual experiences we have together and that does the trick.

Congrats Sam!! Just so you all know, I brag about my parents and siblings all the time. You are awesome! Miss and love you always,



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