Week 28 – “Gringa Most Latina”

Haha I´ve eaten chicken feet too, only they eat it here in soup. Super weird.

I´ll be praying for Karen Johnson.

I don´t have much to share about this week other than I´m still happy and healthy. Having a good time. We´re teaching a family named Paz: Hertrudiz, Jorge, Isaac, and Rodrigo. They´re really a special family and we´ve grown to be good friends. They all want to get baptized except the youngest, Rodrigo. He goes to a Christian school and he´s not down with this whole Mormon thing yet. We´re planning things with Jorge and Hertrudiz, his parents, for him to feel the Spirit so they can all get baptized together. If not, we have to convince them to get baptized without him, hoping that someday he´ll see the light.

I was told this week that I´m the gringa “most latina” in the mission. I was pretty proud of that comment.

As I told Maddy, I´m in a pretty amazing district right now. We actually work as a team, visiting and helping with each other´s investigators, which is a first for me. It works and they´ve become really good friends. If I ever return to Central America I´ll want to visit Guatemala in addition to El Salvador. For the people and the sites. I´ve heard from everyone that it´s gorgeous.

Good luck to everyone in sports and school. Send them my love.

Love and miss you always,


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