Week 27 – Surely Working

Awww, Natalie looks cute and happy.

Of course you can send video if you can figure it out. I´ve seen other missionaries get videos. I always thought that Reagan would be a good setter.

The picture is of me next to the door to the house that I could have been mistress of. HAHA. It is a nice house….but it´s not Pemberly.

Sunday I gave a talk about how we can build Zion through repenting of pride, working in our callings, and missionary work. I was pretty straightforward but I only heard good feedback so hopefully no one was offended. A new bishop was called yesterday as well so I think this is a turning point for the ward. We´re trying to encourage them to work and visit more and it´s slowly but surely working.

Flor fasted and prayed with us this past weekend in order to soften the hearts of her dad and grandpa towards the gospel and the Church. It worked! I was so happy to see her testimony grow through the change in attitude of her family. She´s getting baptized the 5th of October. She´s so strong despite her hard family life. She´s like a little Cinderella living there but the Church and the ordinances are going to help her so much. She already says she wants to prepare to serve a mission! 🙂

I´m doing well and enjoying my time. I´m going to complete 8 months tomorrow so you guys can start the countdown from 10 months! Crazy, huh?

I´m proud of Seth too! Wow how awesome. He didn´t let the circumstances affect his effort and performance. When a player can give it his all despite the hopelessness, that´s character. Congrats, Seth. Congrats to Reagan too. Keep it up, Sam! Take advantage of high school sports. When it´s over, you´ll miss it 🙂

Happy and Healthy and Missing you,




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