Week 25 – I’m a Trainer

Hey Mama,

Yeah, sorry I`m not very good at taking pictures. We took one yesterday morning just to send to you guys. In this area I don`t carry my camera with me because I`m afraid of it being stolen.

My daughter is super cute, right? Hermana Carrillo. This week was a lot better with her homesickness. It`s weird because I still feel kinda new on the mission with only 7 months but I feel a lot older as her companion because she`s so shy. She`s great though; we get along really well.

This morning I played futbol with all of the Elders. Full field, 6 v 6 for 2 hours! It was awesome. It was nostalgic except without the Spanish and the freaking good Latinos 🙂

I miss Jess and Stephen`s funniness so much. The humor isn`t the same here. When I come home I`ll have to relearn all my movie quotes and sarcastic remarks because they don`t work here.

We found a great family that lives near the chapel and they came to church yesterday. Plus, they`re already married!!! That`s a first.

Rest assured that I am happy, healthy, and safe here. Nothing too exciting happens except that we have super spiritual lessons or we see the evidence of the Lord directing the work here. I`m always thinking about how powerless I really am in the conversion of these people and the ward.

I`m always praying for all of you and love you so much,


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