Week 26 – Pupusas!

Wow that is news!! Kara and her fiance look good together. Send me a picture of Natalie and her beau!

So this week was one with a lot of challenges for our investigators. Joaquin is having doubts about the Book of Mormon and didn`t come to church yesterday. Flor and Mari are doing really well and their grandpa said he will be supportive because they`re old enough to make their own decisions, but now their Evangelical sister is trying to stop them from going to church. I sometimes think of the consequences these people will face in Judgement Day for stuff like this. This woman is literally lying and actively trying to prevent the baptisms of her sisters. But as we know from the scriptures and all of the stroybooks that good is stronger than evil. The power of faith and righteousness is greater than Satan and I`m a fighter 🙂 I really feel like I`m in a war sometimes but the Lord is always directing His work and if we have faith, He will make sure that they can get baptized. We shall see what happens.

This week I finally learned how to make pupusas. It`s an art form and I`m slow but the ones I did weren`t too bad. These women whip them out like they`re throwing frizbees but now I know that when I come home I can prepare some for you guys 🙂 Also I`m going to make canoas when I get back. They`re my favorite! The pictures are of me and Hna. Carrillo “hechando pupusas”. You can see that I was really concentrating haha.

Aside from that fact that I`m pretty sure I`m gaining weight, I`m going really well. Todo esta tranquilo.

Love you always,


Week 25 – I’m a Trainer

Hey Mama,

Yeah, sorry I`m not very good at taking pictures. We took one yesterday morning just to send to you guys. In this area I don`t carry my camera with me because I`m afraid of it being stolen.

My daughter is super cute, right? Hermana Carrillo. This week was a lot better with her homesickness. It`s weird because I still feel kinda new on the mission with only 7 months but I feel a lot older as her companion because she`s so shy. She`s great though; we get along really well.

This morning I played futbol with all of the Elders. Full field, 6 v 6 for 2 hours! It was awesome. It was nostalgic except without the Spanish and the freaking good Latinos 🙂

I miss Jess and Stephen`s funniness so much. The humor isn`t the same here. When I come home I`ll have to relearn all my movie quotes and sarcastic remarks because they don`t work here.

We found a great family that lives near the chapel and they came to church yesterday. Plus, they`re already married!!! That`s a first.

Rest assured that I am happy, healthy, and safe here. Nothing too exciting happens except that we have super spiritual lessons or we see the evidence of the Lord directing the work here. I`m always thinking about how powerless I really am in the conversion of these people and the ward.

I`m always praying for all of you and love you so much,