Week 24 – Transfers!

Don´t have much to say this week other than transfers are this week and I´m going to train a newbie!!! Whew it´s a lot of responsibility but I feel ready. Plus, I´m not arguing about having the washing machine and air conditioning in the house for another 3 months 😉

Hope you had a great birthday! We had three birthdays in the ward so we ate cake 3 times haha.

The wedding looks pretty; glad they could finally tie the knot. It´s been a long time coming! Happy for Nicole.

I´ll have more pictures and news next week with my new companion.

Can´t wait to see Deer Lake! I try to explain the cabin and hunting to people here and it´s an entirely foreign concept.

I was surprised to hear about Grandma. Such a big step for someone who doesn´t like change that much. It´ll be nice for her to be close to Brad & kids and Maddy. Send my love and congrats to her.

I´m still happy and healthy.

Love you tons,


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