Week 22 – Back from San Salvador

Someday I need to pass by Washington, at least to rekindle my patriotism a little bit 😉 I think the things I´m most interested in would be the Library of Congress, the Holocaust Museum, and the Smithsonian. If I ever go you guys can tell me what is worth it and what´s not.

Since I´ve arrived I´ve been serving in or around the city of Santa Ana and there´s not much to do on Pdays. I´m hoping that soon I get transferred to somewhere cool so we can go hiking and see waterfalls and volcanoes. I´ve heard of really awesome places here in the mission but if we aren´t in the same zone we can´t go. Someday I´ll have some sweet pics of tropical naturaleza.

Like I expected, we had to wait forever to see the doctor in San Salvador. It was super boring. We took some good pictures of me messing around in the doctor´s office. She has a fungus that develops due to lots of sun, sweat, and heat. It´s easy to get rid of and it doesn´t pass from person to person. So pretty much I just need to shower everyday and I´m fine.

So in our zone there are a lot of missionaries who have returned to this zone for the second time. Our zone leaders organized an interchange so that these missionaries can return to the former area for an afternoon and show the present missionaries where all their old investigators live. It was a way to help the areas find new, promising people to teach. As you can see, we do everything we possibly can to baptize people. In our area it went great, we found a lot of new people and many of our investigators that are progressing now are references we got from the sister that came to introduce me to her old investigators that for some reason or another didn´t get baptized. Saturday, my companion left to give her references to a neighboring area and another sister came with me for the afternoon. It was a nice change to our routine.

Thank you for the pictures, you guys look great! Seth and Sam are significantly taller than Maddy. Reagan looks more grown up too. Glad you guys had fun!

Love you,


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