Week 21 – A Proposal

I loved my gifts, expecially the wasabi almonds!! All kinds of nuts and seeds are super expensive too so that was the first time I had almonds for a while. I also miss asian food so much. Thanks 🙂 So far my shoes are fine, I´ll let you know if I need anything.

Today we´re going to San Salvador to see the doctor because my companion has a huge rash and no one knows what it is. That´s my excitment for this week. Oh, and I got proposed to this week; for real, not just from drunk people in the street. We knocked on the door because the house was suuuper cool looking. We always joke that we want to baptize a rich family so I saw this huge castle-type looking house with an oversized wooden door with pretty carvings. It´s like the modern, Latin version of Northanger Abbey. After meeting the 50-year-old man that lives there with his two daughters, I got the feeling he was being especially weird with me but I wasn´t sure because he seemed so harmless. He finally goes, (i´m translating) “Look, I just want companionship and I don´t like anyone of my age. I don´t like wasting time either. You seem like a really nice, smart girl. I speak English and I could provide for you anything you wanted. You could visit your family very often or I could get a house for them here. What do you say?” I felt like Charlotte Lucas listening to Mr. Collins. Or the girl from “The Making of a Lady”, if you remember the proposal at the beginning of that movie. My companion didn´t help me at all because she thought it was hilarious. I did too until I realized he was serious. Gahhh. I just laughed uncomfortably and declined. We left very rapidly. I laugh it off now but it was one of the wierdest experiences. Needless to say, we aren´t going back to that neighborhood 🙂 So I can check off having to opportunity of marrying for money from my bucket list!

Last night I participated in a musical program about missionary work. I played the piano accompanying the choir and other special numbers and it was pretty fun. Two of our investigators showed up! It was a testimony that as long as the Spirit is there, nothing else matters. The choir sounded awful and the flute and violin that accompanied them weren´t even close to the right notes but I felt the Spirit anyway because “a song of the heart is a prayer unto me”. It was a good night, over all.

Can´t believe it´s already August!

Have fun in Gettysburg!! Love you all. I´m going to mail a letter to you and Maddy here pretty soon. I hope it gets to you fast. I´ll update you on investigators when they progress a little more.




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