Week 20 – Raining Buckets!!

Wow, a world without internet…I remember that being the worst. Have a great vacation! I guess as I´m writing this you´re already having the great vacation, so next week I expect pictures. Not gonna lie, I´m a bit jealous.

I have heard of all the terrorist attacks. People like to inform me on how dangerous my country is (obviously out of their insecurity concerning the craziness of their own). I´m a little worried about the young men of this generation like Seth and Sam if there is another world war. Yikes.

It´s raining like crazy here. I can´t feel the raindrops, it´s like getting hit by a waterfall. All water, no air. We have to bend over to breathe! It rains for about 2 hours everyday, usually from 7-9pm. The picture I attached is after we got drenched coming back to the house one time this week.

This week is “Fiestas Julias”, or the July parties in honor of some Catholic saints or something, but basically it´s an excuse to get drunk in the middle of the day and dance in the streets. It´s a center of drugs, sex, and theiving in the name of Christianity! We get to talk to a lot of people and a lot of families, but they don´t want to talk to us. It´s a bit rough this week but on the bright side we are now teaching Salvador´s mom and I pretty sure he is teaching her more than we are 🙂 She asked a question and he answered with a reference to the “Teachings of President Howard W. Hunter” manuel. Whoa! He made me so proud. They grow up so fast…:)

I´m getting used to wearing pants everyday and it´s pretty nice. I don´t get bit as much and it´s more comfortable, although it is so hot.

Love and hugs,



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