Week – 19 Happy Birthday Abby!

Hey Momma,

Yes, my package arrived Thursday and my freaking zone leaders forgot to bring it today so I´m getting it tomorrow 🙂

A baptism! how cool. The first year after a baptism is so important for a recent convert, and the hardest time for them usually. The way you can help the missionaries the most is to befriend her and help her nurish her faith-plant in this early stage of her spiritual growth.

Jessica Viraldo!! I figured she had to have returned recently. Say hi to Heidi for me!

Reading your email I thought of Lehi´s vision. There were people that had tasted of the fruit but because of the spacious building or the mists of darkness they fell away. The people that were continually partaking of the fruit, on the other hand, never fell away or were ashamed. Enduring to the end, or I like to say enjoying to the end, is the hardest part of the gospel.

I think the things you mentioned are key: feasting on the scriptures and not just reading them, sharing your testimony often, family prayers every night, and your own example of living the gospel bring the Spirit into the home. I remember that my initial desire to read and love the scriptures came from your love for them, when you taught my class my last year of primary. I still have scriptures highlighted in green 🙂

Here, one of the most frequently used phrases is “Jesus lives!”. Everyone in every religion says it but in my opinion they don´t actually believe it. If we believe that Jesus really lives, that means he is still speaking to us personally and through prophets. The gospel is not dead, nor is our capasity for learning, growth, and faith. I continue to have really special moments during scriputure study and prayer because I know that I am actually talking to my Father in Heaven who isn´t just an erethreal mist or an incomprehensible concept. Jesus Christ isn´t just a perfect man who lived a long time ago and took upon himself our sins. They´re still working with us every day! I find that when people fall away from the church, it´s because they stopped doing the little things, therefore they stopped feeling the strength that the Spirit brings. Mormon, in the book of Mormon when talking about the wicked Nephites says, “Because they depended upon their own strength, they were left in their own strength”. I love that because that´s exactly what happens every day. When we remember how much we depend on the Savior and that always we are unprofitable servants, we not only want to serve more but we feel love for our Savior and that´s what keeps me going.

Love you,



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