Week 18 – Salvador & Carolina – Married and Baptized!!

Oh, wow. How sad for the Alley family. You never think these kind of things happen to people close to you. How grateful I am for the doctrine of the Plan of Happiness and the opportunity to repent every day and take the Sacrament every week. Poor Nancy! Yikes, I´ve never heard of anything that makes your eyes bleed.

Ya, I´m better. It was about a week that my stomach felt weird and only 2 days I stayed home sick. All better now. Although my face is breaking out really bad. I think its just the humidity but I hate it. This climate doesn´t agree with me because in Utah I didn´t have this problem.

Say hi to Matt for me! I´m curious to hear his Spanish when I come home and how different it is from the Spanish I speak here.

I´m glad the missionaries are good examples for the boys. Hopefully they´re good planners so you can get with them this week. 🙂

Salvador and Carolina got married and baptized on Saturday!!!! It was probably the happiest day of my mission so far. More people showed up than we expected and we didn´t have enough food. Other than that everything went relatively smoothly. Latin weddings are pretty different than ours. It´s very legal. The lawyer, bride, groom, and witnesses sit down around a table and after a few words from the lawyer everyone signs the paper and they kiss and it´s done. No wedding party, aisle, religious discourse, or vows. I´m glad that in the States the sealing in the temple counts for a civil marriage as well. For the baptismal program, Hna. Osorio sang the words to “Oh my Father” and I accompanied her with an arrangement of “Come Thou Fount”. They are seriously a miracle couple and they are so happy! Carolina was happy too although she doesn´t like to smile in pictures. She´s a lot like me in that she doesn´t care about getting dressed up or makeup and didn´t have a preference for anything concerning the wedding. She reminded me of me when you or Maddy or Jess ask me about colors or decorations or something and I just look at you and you say, “You don´t care, do you…”. Haha

Salvador, after church yesterday, left for Guatemala for a month until things settle down here.

Love you all,

Hermana Morse


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