Week 17 – I’ve Been Pantsed

Hello family,

A few notes from this week:
You have heard about us having to wear pants? Well, it´s happening believe it or not. We have to buy pants that are SUPER loose and big for modesty´s sake. Haha. It´s to protect us from diseases spread by mosquitoes but the elders are getting sick just as much as sisters and they wear pants. I´m doing it to be obedient to the prophets who have practically mandated it but it´s a struggle. The heat is one thing, but the presentation as well. I´m living history, folks. The first sister missionaries in pants! And yes, I still don´t like pants shopping. I had to buy dress pants two sizes too big. They´re huge and I feel frumpy in them, but it´s an act of faith in following the prophet.

Salvador and Carolina are getting married and baptized this week! I´ll have many photos for you next Monday. They are my miracle couple; helping them change and grow has made my whole mission worth it. Last night Salvador told me that he feels that I was specifically sent by the Lord to them because they feel a special connection with me. He feels so good in the gospel and feels that their family has a happy future, something they wouldn´t have had without the gospel. How cool! He almost made me cry.
This week was rough for them. Carolina´s mom, Ana, who also lives with them, had a boyfriend named Marvin who also lived with them. After we started teaching her, she kicked Marvin out in order to follow the Law of Chastity. Turns out that this Marvin is involved in some nasty stuff. He and a bunch of his buddies were arrested for killing 9 people! The problem is that because the people associate Salvador with Marvin, it makes life a lot more dangerous for Salvador, even though he wasn´t involved in anything. He´s scared that the police are going to come looking for him based on faulty information from people. So, Salvador has been on the down-low, only showing up for sacrament meeting then returning to his hiding place. Carolina has been worried sick and Ana is a wreck and went to San Salvador to visit her good-for-nothing ex is prison. sigh.
What´s amazing is that he´s staying in town only to get married and baptized. For him, it´s worth risking his freedom. Include him in your prayers! I had no idea I´d be dealing with stuff like this, but this is life for the people here. Imagine how the doctrine of eternal families and the Atonement make them so happy!

This week was my first time being really sick. I got a stomach virus Tuesday and couldn´t leave the house. Then my companion got it too. Lots of time in the bathroom but I feel fine now 🙂 hehe they all call it the “gringo stomach”.

Hope you´re enjoying the cabin this 4th of July! Love you all,

Hermana Morse


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