Week 16 – Nurture vs. Nature

Last night we made Tacos Mexicanas with the Bishop and his wife (across from my companion and I), and a counselor in the bishopric and his wife (on the ends).

I met Nate´s companion that came home on Wednesday. I have a picture on my companion´s camera but with her thousands of pictures I can´t find it.

Haha I understand this frustration. People have good desires and intentions but some people just seem incapable of following through! It´s always a complicated mixture of nature and nurture. I think it´s mostly a personality and maturity thing, but it´s also not an excuse. The internal drive to accomplish and do things is really a gift. For some it comes naturally, some develop it out of necessity or regret (many of the adults here I teach), but I think with prayers and nagging parents other people can develop the understanding too.

Many probably think they have an eternity to do it so they don´t feel the need. Many of the people here, when they learn about the gospel and repentance, say that one day they will repent, stop drinking, kick their abusive boyfriend out, go to church, and change their lives. They think that have an eternity to do it so they don´t do anything. This is when I read Alma 34 with them; Amulek telling the people to not procrastinate because Christ could come tomorrow! It´s like the parable of the 10 virgins. Time is precious. I really don´t know the answer other than try to make them understand the good things that will come if they act now and the consequences if they dont, all with love of course. This definitely takes patience.

Have a great 4th! Love you,

Hna. Morse


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