Week – 15 – I’ve been out 5 Months!!


5 months today! Not that I´m counting. And for the first time yesterday I thought about being 20 years old…it´s kinda wierd.

We have a baptism this week! A mom of 2 and her oldest boy is already a member. We were going to marry the father and her and have them both get baptized but he isn´t doing anything to change his awful lifestyle and is holding her back. She told us this week that she´s going to kick him out so that she can get baptized. I honestly think this was a good decision because if he´s going to change, the separation will be a better motivator. He can still change in the future but for now, he´s only impeding her repentance and spiritual progress. He drinks regularly and has another son with someone else. We´ll still work with him and hopefully soon he can find the desire to make things right.

Tell Maddy that getting mailed here is pretty cool, Thanks 🙂

Seth and Sam crack me up. If I was 17 and a 15 year old asked me to dance, personally I wouldn´t say no. It´s just a dance…girls these days.

Jaxon´s story is pretty crazy…good thing he was there with his wrestling experience haha. The craziest story I´ve heard here was that a couple of Elders were kidnapped but they were joking about it afterwards. It was only for a few hours and when the people learned that they didn´t have anything of worth and the Church wasn´t gonna pay anything, they let them go.

Tell the fam that I miss them all! Tell Uncle Allen that I appreciate his note that he sent me and that I am experiencing the gift of tongues just like he promised me 🙂

You´re exactly right with the importance of simplicity. In the first lesson, the story of the first vision is super powerful because it teaches all the necessary doctrine and if the people have sincere hearts they will definitely feel the Spirit. Pray for charity to view everyone as God views them and it´ll be easy not to judge. It literally takes practice (for me it did) but anyone is capable of change. It´s their state of mind that matters more than their past decisions. If they have a desire to change, they will…only through the gospel.

Who is Nicole getting married to…Ken still? Congrats to Megan Daniels.

Yeah, Nick is still my friend on Facebook haha. I´m glad he´s seeing the pictures; maybe it´ll motivate him to do something more with his life 😉

I don´t really care too much about my picture for the plaque, as long as it´s flattering of course. Be nice.

Love you lots,

Hermana Morse


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