Week 13 – City Living


I don´t know much of Victor, Luis, and F. Corleto this week but when I left they were kind of at a standstill in their progression. Hermana Oy and her new companion have to work hard and I´m sure they will. I definitely miss my converts and Flor and Marlon but I´m the kind of person that likes change. Transfers are good for me 😉 I´ll miss Hermana Oy but I´m going to enjoy Hna. Osorio as a companion as well. We live right next to McDonalds and my companion really likes to eat there; this will be a challenge for me. I´ve been ordering only grilled chicken wraps but I´m gonna get sick of those soon.

I have to send an email with a report of my area, our companionship, and a miracle or something I learned this week to Pres Spjut every week.

Oh my, Sierra had her baby!!! I want pictures!! Does he look like Sierra or Cody? Oh my goodness he´s gonna be so big by the time I get back!!

Maddy is so old now…a high school graduate. Does it feel weird for you to have two kids graduated?

We´ve had a lot of opportunities to testify of the plan of salvation, eternal families, and saving ordinances in the temple for loved ones who have passed away this week. One of our investigators´ brother died this week and another recent convert couple were having serious marital problems. The doctrine of eternal families gives such hope and peace and love. We had some really special moments. The couple have forgiven each other and are working together to improve their relationship with the same goal: eternal marriage in the temple!

I don´t know if you remember this, but I shared this story with the couple, Jose and Concepcion Pinate, and it made them laugh and taught the principle 🙂 In the house in Byron Center I remember you and Dad were having an argument. Not yelling or anything but a heated discussion (probably about Pete). Reagan was only about 4 years old or so and I remember she walked in, listened for a bit, then said, ´´Mom, Dad, you guys were married in the temple!!´´ We all laughed at the abruptness but also the profundity of her declaration 🙂 If both members of the relationship have the same eternal goals/perspective and can keep them in mind at all times, the arguments seem more arbitrary and unnecessary. Anyway, tell Reagan that her childlike innocence and wisdom helped heal a broken relationship this week in El Salvador 🙂 Cool, right?

Sorry I don´t have pictures. I´ll have some of my companion and I next week. I feel spoiled in this area because our apartment has a CLOTHES WASHER!!!! and TWO toilets and one of them even flushes! I don´t die of heatstroke every night either, sometimes I even wake up being a little bit chilled. It´s amazing. and we have a kitchen with an OVEN and a working STOVE!!! I´m being spoiled, really. We have members feeding us practically every day here as well. Every area has its pros and cons, however. This area is in the center of the city. It´s more dirty, smoggy, and instead of all the people being super poor, people are either more poor and proud or really rich and proud 🙂 Just kidding, there are good people of all kinds here. But there are members with money here, very different than Libertad.

We also get to talking with super weird people in the street. Clowns, people in costumes, and people who profess to have the gift of tongues but just start shouting gibberish at us haha. That part is pretty fun.

So jealous of your weekend at the cabin 🙂 a nice swim in a cool lake sounds like paradise. Congrats on the new calling, young mens is probably a bit more fun but you can do a lot of good in Elder´s Quorum. As a missionary I have a new found respect for home/visiting teaching. It so important for the growth of the ward and the retention of converts!

I was wrong about my companion, I was thinking of a different Hermana. Hermana Osorio is from Guatemala so SUPER giggley and friendly. It great because she makes friends fast but I think our only challenge as a companionship will be me having patience with her laughing at absolutely everything 🙂 But she´s a good missionary and there´s a lot of potential here. I´m actually happy and hopeful surprisingly; I´ve learned not to let these things get to me like they did in my first ward. I still need lots of prayers though.

I´m excited for what the Spirit can do in this area in the next month! The mission baptized more than 100 people in May and we just got the news that we´re having a mission temple trip this month!! We might actually get to enter. We´re not supposed to have rewards for our work but I think secretly this is supposed to be a prize hehe. I´m excited.

Praying for you all everyday. Good luck in church, work, school, and everything else. Love you lots!! Love you all so much and keep my updated on everyone!

Love Love Love,

Hermana Morse


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