Week 12 – Transfers!!

Nothing much to report this week other than I`m being transferred! I have to say goodbye to my sweet companion. My 12 week training is officially over and I`m going to an area called Independencia with Hermana Osilio. Another ´´bajita´´, or a really short person 🙂 she`s Honduranian I think. I don`t know anything about her or the area so it should be an exciting week. Starting next week our pdays will be Tuesday I`m pretty sure.

I can`t even express my love for the Book of Mormon. The hour we have for personal study goes by so fast and I learn and feel different things every day. It`s amazing, really. Through reading their words, I can feel how these ancient prophets really saw our day and wrote according to what we need to hear. Not to mention, the work done by Mormon and Moroni (and I might include Nephi) is a masterful work of art as well. Read Moroni 10 and try to find all the references to the conclusions of other prophets that Mormoni weaves into his own conclusion. I love sharing the Book of Mormon with the descendents of Lehi here in El Salvador. Multiple times the prophets say that their words will speak from the dust, as through from a familiar spirit, to their seed in the last days so that they can know of Christ and the faith of their fathers. And that the faithful of the Gentiles will bring this book to them! It`s so cool being a fulfillment of prophecy 🙂 The Lord loves us very much.

Have a great week!

Hermana Morse


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