Week – 8 Improving Ward Relationship

I finally found out the problem. Apparently a pair of sister missionaries a little bit ago weren`t being as obedient and diligent as they should have been. I don`t think this is the only reason for their coldness; it`s a little bit of their misunderstanding that their duty in sharing the gospel doesn`t necessarily depend on the missionaries, especially when there are new ones now who are perfectly trustworthy but that is what they told me. Maybe a part of it is that I`m North American (they hate when people say we`re Americans because they claim everyone in the North, Central, and South continents are ´´Americans´´). We`re trying to improve the relationship; doing nice things for them, teaching them well prepared lessons, and working with the ward mission leader. Every week I get to know the members better which helps. I try to evade their comments and questions about how life is in the U.S. They ask me how big my house is, if ever there was a time when my family didn`t have food, etc. I just say something like, “My parents work very hard to give my siblings and I all that we need.´´ They go to my facebook and see pictures from Italy and everything and they say, ´´I KNEW you were rich!´´.

We have two baptisms this week, one for the elders and one of ours. We got a new elder and he`s a blond-haired, blue-eyed from Utah. It`s funny how they think all gringos/as look the same, kind of like we think all Asians look the same. Every time they see a blonde they say that they look like me, and that Elder Wade (the new elder) and I look exactly alike. Nobody in the states would have said that hehe.

Con Amor, Hermana Morse


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