Week 12 – Transfers!!

Nothing much to report this week other than I`m being transferred! I have to say goodbye to my sweet companion. My 12 week training is officially over and I`m going to an area called Independencia with Hermana Osilio. Another ´´bajita´´, or a really short person 🙂 she`s Honduranian I think. I don`t know anything about her or the area so it should be an exciting week. Starting next week our pdays will be Tuesday I`m pretty sure.

I can`t even express my love for the Book of Mormon. The hour we have for personal study goes by so fast and I learn and feel different things every day. It`s amazing, really. Through reading their words, I can feel how these ancient prophets really saw our day and wrote according to what we need to hear. Not to mention, the work done by Mormon and Moroni (and I might include Nephi) is a masterful work of art as well. Read Moroni 10 and try to find all the references to the conclusions of other prophets that Mormoni weaves into his own conclusion. I love sharing the Book of Mormon with the descendents of Lehi here in El Salvador. Multiple times the prophets say that their words will speak from the dust, as through from a familiar spirit, to their seed in the last days so that they can know of Christ and the faith of their fathers. And that the faithful of the Gentiles will bring this book to them! It`s so cool being a fulfillment of prophecy 🙂 The Lord loves us very much.

Have a great week!

Hermana Morse


Week 11 – Iguana

This week was a good week, although I don´t have any crazy stories or anything. It was a pretty normal week. We didn´t go hiking with Flor and Marlon. We had gotten permission from our leaders about a week ago but late last night they called again and said we couldn´t go so that was a little annoying but I´m trying not to think about it.

You guys are missionaries too now! 🙂 I never realized how important it was until I became one myself. The missionary´s job is actually to support the missionary work of the members, not the member´s job to support the work of the missionaries.

I miss all of you muchisimo!

We found an iguana and they´re all really scared of them because they bite. I was petting it but no one got a picture hehe.

Love you all a ton,

Hermana Morse

Week – 10 Great week!!

Holy cow Dad is so skinny!! That last picture I almost don`t recognize him!

Ya that looks like my dream house 😉 Glad you guys had fun…Europe is the best.
I`m super excited for next pday because we`re making plans to go to a huge volcano right next to the pacific ocean with Flor y Marlon, the same members whose computer we borrowed to skype. and yes they are converts who were inactive for many years and reactivated a few months ago so that picture is from Marlon`s inactive bachlor days 🙂 he was embarrassed when he remembered that that picture was there haha. So if I don`t write next week it`s because we`re hiking a volcano!!!

This week was a week of miracles! First, Vanessa`s son Victor (who obstinately refused to get baptized) all of a sudden changed his mind! I don`t know what happened there but he came to us Thursday to tell us that he wants to get baptized in two weeks. He even named the date!

Next, Nelson Santamarie, Cecilia`s son, got baptized Saturday. Yesterday we went to their house to share the Joseph Smith Restoration video with him and his family. His older brother Luis, who we haven`t been able to teach because he`s always working, said after the video ended, ´´That was cool. I`m gonna get baptized.¨ Haha we were like, ´´Sweet!´´ and he said, ´´When can we go to the temple?´´. The Spirit was there the whole time. It was amazing!

Now I have to tell you about the Corleto Family. We contacted the couple on the street about three weeks ago. All I said was, ´´Did you know that Christ came to visit the ancient Americas?´´ Their response was extraordinary. ´´What?! No, we didn`t know, can we read about it?´´ So we gave them a Book of Mormon and made an appointment. This last week we went to their house and it was a different reception than we normally recieve. They were waiting for our arrival with drinks and refreshments, their two sons sitting at attention (no one was on their phones!) and everyone was attentive and asking really good questions. Last night we went again and they opened up to us that they were in an accident where they were all injured and their oldest son died, who was 5 years old at the time. We were able to testify of the plan of salvation, eternal families, and temples. The Spirit was really strong and the mom, Edith, said that she felt more peace about her son. The father, Oscar, said that since our first visit he has felt a different spirit in their home and he really likes having us over for this reason. They are going to go to church this Sunday and they`re praying about baptism. They are super Catholic but the Lord has definitely prepared them to recieve this gospel. They are such a great family and I hope and pray they have the faith enough to follow through with what they are feeling.

It was a great week. I can`t believe my 12 week training is just about over!

Love you all,
Hermana Morse

This computer is being dumb and won`t let me send more pictures. More coming.

Week – 9 Happy Mother’s Day!


Happy Mother`s Day!! Feliz Dia de las Madres!! You know that I love you very much and am so grateful that you are my mom. I couldn`ve done a lot worse 😉 No really, the little things (and the big things) I remember about my childhood, your good example, and the things you taught me are making a difference now. In the face of difficulties and uncertainty I fall back always on the things I know because you and Dad taught me so well. “They did not doubt because their mothers knew it”.
You`re right up there with the mothers of the Anti-Nephi-Lehites. Thanks for all that you do and have done and continue to do! Love you always.

Sorry that I didn`t officially say goodbye to you guys during our skype but I got the call from Reagan and the kids. It was so good to talk face to face and I`ve been thinking about you guys in Ireland. I know you are having fun, you deserve it 🙂 Tell Maddy that she looks bootiful.

Last Friday we have a ward activity which included a game. I`m not going to explain the game but nevertheless it ended with me dancing like a chicken in front of everyone. I was voted the best so I was the winner of the night and won a tupperware container (aka gold). Still keeping it real and making a fool of myself, even on the mission.

Picture: Vanessa`s baptism (that`s what it`s about, folks).

Love you all so very very much,

Hermana Morse

Week – 8 Improving Ward Relationship

I finally found out the problem. Apparently a pair of sister missionaries a little bit ago weren`t being as obedient and diligent as they should have been. I don`t think this is the only reason for their coldness; it`s a little bit of their misunderstanding that their duty in sharing the gospel doesn`t necessarily depend on the missionaries, especially when there are new ones now who are perfectly trustworthy but that is what they told me. Maybe a part of it is that I`m North American (they hate when people say we`re Americans because they claim everyone in the North, Central, and South continents are ´´Americans´´). We`re trying to improve the relationship; doing nice things for them, teaching them well prepared lessons, and working with the ward mission leader. Every week I get to know the members better which helps. I try to evade their comments and questions about how life is in the U.S. They ask me how big my house is, if ever there was a time when my family didn`t have food, etc. I just say something like, “My parents work very hard to give my siblings and I all that we need.´´ They go to my facebook and see pictures from Italy and everything and they say, ´´I KNEW you were rich!´´.

We have two baptisms this week, one for the elders and one of ours. We got a new elder and he`s a blond-haired, blue-eyed from Utah. It`s funny how they think all gringos/as look the same, kind of like we think all Asians look the same. Every time they see a blonde they say that they look like me, and that Elder Wade (the new elder) and I look exactly alike. Nobody in the states would have said that hehe.

Con Amor, Hermana Morse