Week 7 – Sabbath – A delight?

Sunday is DEFINITELY the most stressful day of the week. Honestly the only time I feel somewhat peaceful and okay is during the Sacrament. I have to learn all over again how to make the Sabbath ´´a delight´´ because on the mission it´s a different story. I´m trying to understand why we have to work on Sundays. Sundays are just like all the other days for us but actually worse (besides the Sacrament). Thank you for passing on Natalie´s words because I really shouldn´t stress as much as I do.

I am doing better at handling the stress and disappointments. So many excuses and the members here are so cold. I haven´t cried on the mission until yesterday. I feel like I just needed to get it out and now I´m good. All I can do is work hard and be obedient. I felt like the Book of Mormon prophets when they say something like, Listen, you guys need to repent and now I wash my hands of your blood. If you don´t do these things I won´t be responsible because I´m exhorting you with my whole soul to do them now!

It´s nice to hear how life is going back home with the Cabin and sports. I´ve thought about how having investigators on a mission is a lot like being a parent. I think of them like children sometimes when I have to go in, wake them up, do their laundry so they won´t ´´have´´ to do it Sunday morning, and have the patience when they don´t listen. But then the gratification when they learn a principle, do it, and see the blessings and therefore develop a testimony of that principle is pretty great.

A single mom we have is getting baptized on your birthday and she had a pretty cool experience this week. We taught her the doctrine of the Sabbath Day and she finally went to church. She works all the other days selling fruit in the market, which is really rough because some days you sell and others you don´t. Some days she has no food to feed her 5 kids. Anyway, she was worrying about having enough for that week. Monday she went to the market to sell plantaines and she usually sells maybe 70 in a day. That day she sold 400 plantaines and the woman next to her sold 60. She felt that the miracle was God telling her that she needed to listen and do to everything that the hermanas told her. How Cool!? She´s got other problems that we have to work through, but as far as her desire to get baptized I don´t worry about her.

We definitely have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior. That´s one thing that I have felt strongly every day. There are and have been many people who don´t have the whole truth but sincerely believe in Christ. Elder Kevin Duncan came to our mission my second week (he also spoke in Conference) and he said something that I have to remind myself of everyday. One day, (pretty much) everyone will accept the gospel. If they don´t now, their Heavenly Father has a plan for their acceptance either in this life or in the next. How fun will the missionary work in the Spirit World be???

Hope Maddy has a good time at prom. If she´s anything like me (which I think she is), she´ll enjoy it for the first bit then think about how silly it is 🙂 If she´s there with real friends though it´ll be fun.

I asked about Mother´s Day (May 8) and we only use Skype. I´m sure I´ll have more information next week as far as the time and everything. We´ll get to talk face to face in 15 days!!

I´m teaching English classes every Saturday and I think it´s a blast. I really like it; maybe because the tables turn and they feel ridiculous speaking english instead of me speaking spansh 😉

Love you all very very much,
Hna. Morse


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