Week 6 – Get to work!


Okay, Seth has to tell me what he was doing when he ripped his pants haha 🙂 Thanks for all the news, it´s always good to hear about everybody. Natalie Reed is back already!! Holy cow that seemed like a short time. So excited for Sierra and Jess, can´t wait to see pictures of the babes when they come. I bought a pretty nice camera for $80.

This week was really great! I had a few days where my Spanish was so on point that other native Spanish speakers told me that I didn´t have the gringa accent. I know I still have it, but it was good to hear anyways. We had interchanges this week, so I spent a day with another Sister in another area. Hermana Avilos is from Honduras and she´s awesome. It was a fun day getting to know new people and see how another missionary teaches. Yesterday we found a family of 5 kids, 4 of which are of baptizing age and are suuuupper positive! So excited. The mom is actually a member but inactive. She still has her triple and hymno and everything. The dad is super interested, was disappointed when I didn´t have another Book of Mormon with me to give him, and the oldest son is already coming the mutual this Thursday. The dad was talking to us and he said that he believed that Heavenly Father, Christ, and the Holy Ghost are separate and wanted to know what we believed. Wahooooo.

This week I´ve truely learned that when I´m unhappy on the mission, it´s because I´m not working hard enough. When I´m trying to be more diligent and really trying the whole day to work hard, I am less tired, less annoyed, and more happy in general. Pres. Hinckley´s dad was so right when he said ´´Forget yourself and get to work.´´ It´s always the little things!

Thank you for your prayers, I´ve felt them. Kinda weird to say but I´ve really felt supported and I know it´s a combination of my own prayers and obedience and the prayers in my behalf. So happy to hear that you feel blessed that I am here, I hope you always feel that way. I LOVE you always,

Hna. Morse

Pictures: One of the pretty views of my area. The mountains are beautiful in a different way than Provo but still. We´re hiking steep hills every day. The other picture is Hna. Oy, me, and another companionship that we´re friends with. Last Monday (pday) we went out to lunch together at a place called ´´Angeles y Diablos´´ or ´´Angels and Devils´´. I loved the food. The other gringa is named Hna. Polhill and she´s pretty cool. Went to BYU before and is studying English and we like the same exact music…so we´re pretty much best friends 😉 hopefully we´ll be companions one of these days.


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