Week 5 -Grateful for my Family

This week was so much better. Not because anything super miraculous happened but I`ve been better at not letting things get me down. We did have a baptism this week though! My first. Nicol is 9 years old and is super strong, given that her family aren`t members yet so she doesn`t have that much support. Her mom, Vanessa, will most likely be getting bapized soon as well. All we have to do is set a date. The kids I`m posing with are hers, there are 5 of them. The littlest (the baby) she jokes is mine because he`s the only kid that`s white haha.

We had a kid that was going to be baptized last Saturday back out. His family is super Evangelist and he was being doctrinally attacked constantly by his parents and 7 other siblings. We`re still talking with him, giving him time to develop a stronger testimony. I have no idea what will happen, honestly. It`s up to him now. But a testimony is different than a conversion. He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon but he isn`t converted enough to go against his family. It`s a tough situation.

We started teaching the mom of one of our investigators. Her name is Cecilia and she has pretty bad depression and anxiety. Here`s the stopper: she hasn`t let her house in 8 YEARS! We had some members come and give her a priesthood blessing and she has committed to coming to the baptism this Saturday and church next Sunday. She understands everything we teach and is especially touched by the Plan of Salvation. She wants to be baptized but still has fear of leaving her house. She felt a lot better after the blessing though and seems willing to try is Saturday. I pray she`ll be able to!

In dealing with so many family problems in this ward, it has made me so grateful for the home and environment you and Mom provided for us. You guys made us go to church, do everything we were supposed to and all the while set a good example. Our house was always a safe, comfortable, peaceful place. So many people don`t have anywhere to go for peace and love, not even their own home. I was talking to a sister that was saying she is sad because the Spirit she feels at church vanishes when she goes home because of the choices her family is making and the bad enviornment in general. I tried to help her but she asked me if I had had the same problem at home and the only thing I could do was bear to her my testimony that the reason my home was so great was because my parents taught us the principles of the gospel and we practiced them, always trying to improve.

All the problems the people have here can be lightened or solved if they were praying and reading their scriptures regularly. Everyone we talk to with emotional or spiritual challenges 99% of the time are not doing the little things.

I love you all and hope everything is well. I can`t wait to here and see pictures of Ireland! I`ve been told that we use Skype on Mothers day; not sure about Google Hangouts.




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