Week 4 – Pray for Water!

General Conference was great! I can´t wait to read all the talks in English! haha. I loved Hallstrom´s, Snow´s, and Holland´s especially. I found answers for my investigators in other talks but those were for me. During tough moments, I need to remember Christ and fall back on the truths that I know. Being humble is huge. A lot of the things that are holding me up is from my pride I think. I´ve always been able to do everything I´ve tried pretty well and have been recognised for what I´ve done. It´s the opposite here; I´m trying hard, not doing the best, and people are careless and even resentful sometimes. I don´t mind getting rejected by people on the street; I was expecting that, but I wasn´t expecting it from the members. Anyway, I need to be more humble, forget myself, and just get to work. I need prayers! Thank you for the prayers you´ve already given me. Don´t worry, I´ll get through this well enough 🙂

Happy Spring Break everyone! Watch good movies for me.

So the ward welcomed back a returned sister missionary this week named Tatiana. She has no family so she had to return to a ward where she didn´t know anyone. A pretty sad story but she’s a happy person in general. She served in Nicaragua. I asked her if she knew a Hermana Walborn and she said she had lived with her (not as her companion but they lived in a larger house with a few companionships). She said, ”She´s crazy!!”. She definitely knows Nancy haha.

Many members here drink something called ”cafe de maize” (coffee of corn) and it´s pretty much a coffee substitute. Eliseo, an investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday, made some for us last night. I really liked it actually, it´s totally different. They dip bread in it and everything. It´s pretty good. They took some pictures so maybe I can get them somehow to send to you.

So this week there were two separate days where we had no water! It was crazy. Couldn´t shower, brush our teeth, drink, or cook. We bought bottled water to drink and splash on our faces. I love water!! Grateful for every day we wake up and have water. There´s a little moment before I turn on the faucet every morning where I pray that I´ll be able to shower 🙂

Last Tuesday we went to San Salvador in order to get our residencies. I was able to see Elder Nasilai again and the other missionaries I arrived with, so that was fun for a couple of hours. We also ate Taco Bell. It never tasted so good!

Have a great week. Remember to be grateful and to constantly remember Christ. Our knowledge of the gospel should change the way we live, act, think, and treat others every second, not just in the powerful spiritual moments like Elder Holland´s talk. I love you all so much!

Hermana Morse


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