Week 3 – Santa Ana


Happy Easter! The only people who really do anything special for Easter are the Catholics and it´s pretty intense. We met up with a 18 year old named Douglas and asked him how his week was. He said, ´´Today is good, but yesterday I suffered.¨ Thinking that that was a weird thing to say, I asked him about it. He showed us his shoulder and back, covered in scars from a whip!! It was awful. He participated in a ceremony where they mimic the last week of the Savior. I tried to tell him that Christ suffered in order for us to be able to avoid suffering. He loves us and doesn’t´t want to do go through the things he did, that that was the point. I don´t know how he took it, but I was shocked to see something I had only read about. Last Saturday we saw a huge processions through the town. Everyone was dressed in white robes, chanting, and carrying a glass casket with a wax Christ figure inside. I felt like I was looking back in time to the Middle Ages.

My camera is broken. I thought it was the batteries but I replaced them and it´s still dead and I can´t turn it on 😦 not sure what to do, if I should buy another one here….?

My second day here we ran into a family on the street and I remembered them because they were speaking English to each other but they were obviously from El Salvador. When he told me his name he said ”Oscar” with an English ”r”. When we went back to their house for a lesson last week, they had already been taught a while ago by missionaries, had the Book of Mormon, all the pamphlets, and even a Joseph Smith video. We taught them the restoration but they already knew everything and said they they felt that it was true! When I asked them if they wanted to be baptized they said, ”caval!”, which is a word they use here for ”Of course” or ”I clearly agree”. Tender mercies! They are getting married and baptized really soon. They really speak Spanglish, it´s pretty funny. They work for Dish network in San Salvador in a call center so the speak beautiful English. It´s nice for me because I always speak Spanish but if I really want to say something I don’t know how to say I can just say it in English! Wahooo

We now have two baptism dates, Nicole and Eliseo!!

I´m officially starting English classes and I´m pretty excited. I get a cute little classroom and everyone seems interested in bringing friends. It´s a lot less threatening than inviting friends to church. And of course I will sneak the gospel into my teaching somehow 😉

We finally had a ward council yesterday; the first one they´ve had in a long, long time. We got a lot more help with our investigators. The ward members are still a little cold with us, but it´s a stepping stone. They are organizing a dinner with the bishop so investigators can get to know him. They only invited the elders though….humph.

Last Friday we had a temple trip!! We couldn´t go in but we brought our investigators to see the temple and learn more about them. It was pretty awesome and they had some special moments. The temple in San Salvador is beautiful. I also got to play the piano for a special musical number which was fun.

All the food here is great, but my companion is Mexicana and so I also get a lot of Mexican food. Usually it´s all good stuff: cilantro, onion, tomato, beans, tortillas, etc. But the other day she made her favorite for me, something called mole. It´s gross. I ate it but I hope she never makes it again haha. I haven´t used a fork in three weeks; they eat everything with their hands and/or a tortilla here. And there´s no napkins. I´ve learned that I have to coordinate my ratio of tortilla and food. If I finish my food with leftover tortilla, they´ll give me more food. If I have food but have finished my tortilla, they´ll give me another. It´s like a sin to eat them separately haha.

A gecho/iguana fell on me in our apartment the other day. I opened the door to our bathroom and I guess he was sitting on the top. That has been my only foreign animal experience. I´ve seen a few parrots but mostly here it´s just bugs and stray dogs.

That´s all I have for this week. It´s a roller coaster, but it´s really rewarding when you see that the Lord has answered your and someone else´s prayers.

Love you all so much,

Hermana Morse


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