Week 2 – Santa Ana

No, not everyone smells like bug spray because they´re not gringos 🙂 They think I´m wierd because I put it on three times a day like Sis. Spjut recommends because I don´t want a weird disease! I´ll stop in the middle of the street and spray myself and some people chuckle like, “White girl can´t handle this country.” I´ve only had a few bites though so it´s working. Healthy as a horse, no problems whatsoever thus far.

I don´t need anything that I can´t buy here. I´m not spending all the allowance I get from the mission so I think I´ll be good with funds until I need clothes/shoes or something. The only thing I miss is air conditioning!

Wasn´t able to buy batteries for my camera last week so I still don´t have pictures. Forgive me! I promise them for next week.

Sounds like the English classes will happen, question is when/where. Everyone seems to be excited about it and we´ve already had references for nonmembers who would want to go. There´s a couple here (Marlon and Flor) with two really cute girls. They are both trying to learn English because he wants to move the family to Utah in order to go to BYU´s marketing program.

San Salvador is the capital and is not in our mission. I´m in Santa Ana, an area called Libertad.

The work is hard and frustrating sometimes but I know it´ll be worth it soon. I have a lot of hopes for baptisms in April. We had a baptism for a 14 year old girl, Maria, yesterday. I´ll try to get the pictures that were taken. Her cousin baptized her which was special for their family, but he didn´t know what to do (even though we practiced with him) and he had to do it 4 times haha. I felt kinda bad but I was a good day. It really hard to get the members to cooperate with us. As of now (I´m going to change this) but there is no ward coorelation meetings on Sunday and so there are conflicting ward activities and such. There also isn´t a ward directory so we have to figure out by ourselves who are members, less actives, where they live and their telephone numbers if they have them. Makes our job a lot harder.

Small miracles every day though. This Friday our mission has a temple excursion just for investigators. We had about 2 confirmations for people who could go until yesterday. A mother of an investigator stopped us to tell us that she wanted to take her whole family and her sister´s family to the temple with us! That now makes 13 people and 8 investigators coming!!!

Another miracle has been how fast I´ve been learning Spanish. I´m astonished because I wasn´t expecting really to be able to understand everyone until a couple months into the mission. The gift of tongues is real!! Yesterday we taught an “abuelita” (little grandma) and they´re really hard to understand because they speak really fast and don´t have teeth. We taught her about faith, repentence, baptism, and the gift of the Holy Ghost because she´s been having troubles with her relationship with her daughter. Anyway, I could somehow understand everything she said and answer her questions and take the lead in teaching the lesson! I´ve been praying for the gifts of tongues and interpretation of tongues everyday, pretty much every moment, and the Lord has definitely answered my prayers.

It´s so cool to be bearing my testimony all the time. I´ve felt the Spirit a ton in our lessons and it´s sad when the people can´t because they´re being argumentative or their hearts have been hardened by other things in their lives. I want so much for them to just accept it because I see their lives and their families and I see how they could be so much happier but they reject it because they don´t want to change. They say they want to and say they´ll read and come to church with us, but then they´ll just have excuses. It´s either in our teaching or their faith. I also wish that we could meet with investigators more often. They work so much that they´ll literally have one or two breaks during the week that we can come. A lot can happen in a week. But I still have hope for many people. I know what I´m teaching is the best thing in the world!

Love you all always,

Hermana Morse


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