Arrival in El Salvador

Estoy aqui! I´m here safe and sound. It´s hot and humid, there are strange bird noises, and stray dogs everywhere. Definitely in central America! it´s great. My mission president and his wife are so kind and inspiring. I´ll like it here I think; we were contacting in a park today and everyone was very receptive and willing to talk about religious topics. I feel like in the US people would be bothered by our approach but people here love to talk to missionaries. Our challenge then is trying to stop talking to someone who isn´t really interested but obliging us just because they don´t want to be rude.

The apartments aren´t bad. They´re not what I would call clean, but we have showers and flushing toilets and the walls are all painted bright pastel colors, chipping of course. It was interesting sleeping under a bug net for the first time last night. People weren´t lying about the food here; it´s delicious. Today a hermana made us Asian food!!! We´re getting papusas tonight. I won´t know who my trainer is until tomorrow morning. I think Sister Spjut will send a picture. I´m not the only American hermana here, but I am the only blonde I´ve seen so far.

Spanish is going okay; I can understand a whole lot more than I can speak but I can get by. I really hope my trainer in native.

Got to go, but send everyone my love and try not to worry. There are not any episodes of sisters getting hurt or bothered at all besides the mosquitoes. I´ll be safe!

Con Amor,
Hermana Morse


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