Week 4 – MTC


Haha that email did make me feel at home. and Bombay House was AWESOME!! I didn’t think I would have good Asian food for another 18 months. I was going to sneak it into the cafeteria (the only actually disobedient thing I’ve done so far) but right before I got there I was sure they were going to catch me. Elder Nasilei just grabbed my bag and was like, “It’s simple. Let me do it, they won’t bother me. I’ve got some experience in this area.” Haha the ex-thief coming in handy. We really are a obedient group for the most part, I’m painting a bad picture maybe. It made my week though. My district loved the cookies too; the Andes mint ones blew their minds. The fudge ones were half crumbled but they were still really good. The Elders ate all the crumbs. And I also love the clothes; I’m already tired of the ones I have. I’ll care a little less about what I wear when I get to El Salvador though. But those were perfect. I forgot to tell you, I love my shoes. I get complements on them all the time and they are super comfy.

I loved all your cards and got a kick out of them all, especially Fitzwilliam Darcy’s. My district also thinks you guys are all hilarious.

I know exactly what Sam’s “grin” is πŸ™‚ He is so sweet. Seth can be perceptive, but it isn’t that hard to figure out. Tell Reagan I am having fun and tell her I love her too!

Sis Yool sent me $20 and a really nice letter with pictures from her mission and when she got her endowments out with her parents in Hawaii. Tell her thanks from me.

Some highlights from the week:
– We saw an Elder who was running full speed across campus run into a pole. I hope his head was okay.
– As a district, we were taking turns telling things we like about each person. One of the things many of them said about me was my facial expressions. I had no idea. Apparently I have a “Spanish speaking” face, then a “preaching” face. They say it’s a good thing because it looks like I’m focused and like I really mean what I say. Maybe I’ll have to videotape myself sometime.
– Another one of our investigators, Andrea, agreed to get baptized! She has to first get married to her boyfriend but I’m so exciting for their little family!
– Hna. Farnsworth and Hna. Anderson had their moms send them avocados in the mail. Didn’t think it would work but it did! So we had a huge party with guacamole, salsa, queso, and chips one night.
– I ran into a girl from El Salvador and came up with the courage to talk to her in Spanish. I understood her and she said she understood me! I asked her if she was speaking like she would in El Salvador and she said, “Pretty close”. I’ve been afraid that all this MTC training would go out the window when I get to El Salvador because of their speed or their accent but I found that I could actually communicate with her! I was pretty excited. The gift of tongues is real. I remember how long it took me to get comfortable in French, but now I am more comfortable with Spanish after less than half the time!
– I’m the only Hermana in my district who hasn’t had a breakdown yet. Not that this is a highlight, just this week I got to be there to comfort and support my companion and other Hermanas. It’s not easy here but I feel so well trained for the field. Maybe my breakdown won’t come until I actually get there, who knows.

To be completely honest, this week was relatively uneventful. I learned some Spanish. I learned some Gospel. I had some good and uplifting experiences. I’ll be honest though, the MTC is getting a little monotonous, but I also know that I am still continuing to learn and to grow here.

Every single day we sing a hymn, mostly in Spanish, and I have come to realize how cool and how uplifting they actually are. I would recommend to all of you to look at the hymn “Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” because 1) it is my favorite, and because 2) it has an incredible message and example that I think we should all try to follow.

This week was a little sad because one of our investigators was leaving Provo to take a new job. We had really grown close to her so it was sad to see her go.

I also found out this week that I sleep like a weirdo. Apparently all the other Hermanas have seen me with my legs up on the wall, me curled up in funny positions, etc. I wish that I could say this wasn’t true, but I have to believe them because the same day they told me this was the same day I accidentally woke myself up by turning over and slamming my head into the brick wall.

Another Cool thing of the week:
-Elder Nasilai taught me how to say “I love you, brother” in Tongan. Ofolahihatuu toco. (Probably spelled that wrong, but hey.)

Like I said, this week was relatively normal.

Les Quiero, Anyways, things are great and the Church is true πŸ™‚


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