Week 3 – MTC

I did get both of your DearElders, just after I emailed you last week. I got one Tuesday night and the other on Wednesday I think. Thanks for sending my background check in, the travel office here wanted to know as soon as I knew. I love getting DearElders!!!! Its so fun, even if I can’t respond. The time of night when the letters come are weirdly exciting for all of us.

I did hear about the superbowl. Have you heard what Sierra and Cody’s baby is? She said she’d let me know if it was a boy or girl and I haven’t heard anything.

I don’t really need anything. I am already getting sick of the clothes I have, I’ve worn them all twice. The Hermanas in my district switch clothes often so luckily I have more options 🙂

Send my love to Maddy. I’m praying for her and I put her name into the temple lists last week. I’m kinda upset that all I saw of Seth’s and Sam’s wrestling was some of their only losses. Sounds like they had a good season though, proud of them 🙂 Same with Reagan. Bursa sacks are annoying, mine still isn’t all the way back to normal and it hurts to rub it out!

Aunt Kim sent me a DearElder as well, tell her I appreciated hearing from her.

We had something kinda sad happen in our district this week. One of our Elders had been struggling with his testimony ever since he got here. He was trying to gain one and he was receiving a lot of support from us, priesthood leaders, and priesthood blessings. This morning he left for home because he finally decided he couldn’t do it. It’s so hard to think that at the same time I was experiencing miracles and the power of the Spirit with me always, someone in the same room was not able to feel a change of heart even when he wanted it. I’m not sure why he couldn’t, whether it was something he was missing or if the Lord has other plans. I was thinking about the faith of Nephi and how I wanted the kind of faith that could be so powerful as to stop people from touching me. I know that with my setting apart and with faith, I can work miracles. Little ‘ole me. When I’m out in the field I can have that same feeling of power when I need it. It was so awesome.

The Spanish will come, but I know it won’t really come until I’m in El Salvador and I can’t wait!!!

Love you all,

Hermana Morse


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